Community Response 2

Community Response 2



Walking into an unfamiliar place

It almost feels like home.


Menu bursting with choices

I contemplate what to order

Listening to the grumbling of my stomach

While seeing the emptiness of my wallet

A simple cup of gelato will have to do


My eyes skim the room for a place to sit

Pictures lined precisely along the wall show history

The past of Italy coming to life

Monuments and people leaving their mark


“Stockings were hung by the fire with care”

A woman pours devotion into her knitting

A man soaks up daily news in the corner

A group of women chatters the morning away

The community of love comes together


Board games awaiting to be played

Cards dreaming of the day they will be shuffled

Laughs and memories anxious to come to life

Today all their waiting comes to an end


Leaving a familiar place

It almost feels like home.








In my hand a cup so small

Filled to the brim with pink watermelon cream

A new experience packed into just three ounces

The chilly sensation sends tingles through my fingers






A crisp cold feeling engulfs my tastebuds

As creamy texture glides over my mouth

The surface smooth like glass

Italian Gelato brings an abundance of satisfaction






As I dip my spoon in a second time

The fruity flavors expand in my mouth

Summer memories flash through my mind

Ones that contained the sweetness of the watermelon flavor

With frigid temperatures of winter

I can only relive the memories





4 thoughts on “Community Response 2

  1. I really like the description you used in this piece. the way you described it I can play it back in my head and see you order, looking for a place to sit, eating it and then leaving. yeah really gave a good picture of what happened.

  2. I can see the whole picture of the place coming to my mind. You had used a lot of good words which has a very strong impact on your writing. In the poem unfamiliar home, I really like how you start with “Walking into an unfamiliar place” and ends with “Leaving a familiar place.” That really tells me that you had learned a lot of things through your experience at the place and it is no longer unfamiliar to you.

  3. I like how you chose to do a poem for this assignment. This is the first poem I’ve seen done for a community Response and you did a really good job with word choice in your gelato poem. You also have good descriptions, I was easily able to picture what you were writing about.

  4. I think that you have done a great job describing the place! I think the Gelato poem is very interesting as it really shows how you feel about the dessert.

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