Reading Response 3

Reading Response 3

I am reading the book Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. This book follows the life of a young college student, Sydney, on her life path and the different decisions she makes. She thought that she was in a very serious relationship only to be smacked with the reality that her best friend and her boyfriend were in a relationship behind her back. She turns her life around and tries to find out who she is as a person without her boyfriend in her life. So far I only know about Sydney’s life up to this point, not too many more details. 

The author does a really good job of writing in a way that connects to her teenage audience. She looks at the story from each character’s perspective and that gives the reader the feeling like they are more involved with the story unfolding in front of them. I’ve gotten the chance to read the different events from several different characters at this point and each time I learn something new that helps me piece the story together on my own. It’s interesting to hear what each character has to say because it helps me learn a little more about them and “know” them as a person. 

One unique writing element that Hoover includes in her novel is text conversations. I think that as a part of the culture in today’s teenage world, including something like that in a novel provides more of a connection point to those who are reading it. Since teenagers main form of conversation is texting, having that in a book makes them feel like they are right at home when they are reading. 

So far I really like all that Cooper has done with her writing because as a teenager, particularly one who is about to start the new adventures of college, there are various points i have already connected with and I am anxious to see what the story develops into. 

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