Reading Response 5

Reading Response 5

As I near the end of the book, Collene Hoover continues the same writing style as she did throughout the rest of the book. She includes even more of the texting style as the storyline progressed and the reader is introduced to why she does this. Her style of writing not only makes her writing stand out, but it also enhances the storyline unfolding throughout the pages. Occasionally, the conversation over text will reveal something about a character that wasn’t completely obvious through normal writing. 

Not only is her writing unique, but she also finds a way to elaborate on details about the events taking place. She gives vivd descriptions when a scene changes or a character puts forward a new image. For example, “Her hair is straight and jet-black, and it falls around two naturally tanned shoulders” (122). Just in that one sentence alone I was able to create a picture in my mind of what this character, Maggie, looks like. 

One of my favorite parts of this book is the humor she includes, each chapter holds something new and exciting to look forward to. One small thing that stands out is the prank battle between the four characters living together in the apartment. Any outsider would be confused and not be able to keep up with their lifestyles. Maggie even says it herself, “There is no way I could live here” (128). The pranks make for a good laugh, not only for the characters, but also for the readers. 

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this response, her writing styles show a clear pattern throughout the entirety of the book and I enjoy reading what she has to share with the rest of the world. As I get closer to finishing the book, I want to look into some of the other books she’s written, if there are any, and read them as well. 

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