Looking Back and Looking Forward

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Over my last seven years at Lincoln Lutheran, I have learned a lot about life, but English class has taught me several things that will stick with me, especially in the near future. One thing I really struggle with is bringing my own ideas to paper. Sometimes I am lacking in self-confidence, I don’t think that my writing is as good as other people’s. Romans 12:2 is my confirmation verse and I tend to apply it to all different parts of my life and in this particular instance it fits well with english. It says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is— his good, pleasing and perfect will.” That verse specifically helps me steer my focus away from the worldly standards. I know that if I work hard at my writing and stick with the ideas that I think are creative then I shouldn’t worry about how “good” my writing is compared to other peoples. This lesson can be applied to any other aspect in my life as well. As long as I work hard and push myself to do the best I can, then I don’t need to get caught up comparing myself to others. 

The second lesson that I took away from English this year was to not procrastinate on my work. Many people passed on this message to me and I completely overlooked it time and time again. With an abundance of larger projects this year, it was easier to focus on finishing it in steps. Writing a whole paper or project in one night can be done, but it didn’t benefit me in the way that a step by step process did. I was able to get more in-depth with my writing and make sure that I had the strongest ideas on my final paper. One thing that really helped me make sure that I got this done was having a designated writing space. I have a chair in my basement that I sit at with my laptop open every time I need to get some writing done. Knowing that something has to get accomplished while sitting there helps me get “in the zone” and crank out some writing. While I do wish I would have listened to those around me, I am thankful that I went through the struggles that I did this year because learning to manage my time on my own during papers and projects will help me be a much better student in the years to come. 

While I only mentioned two major areas where I specifically learned lessons in English, I also applied what I learned to all of the other classes I took at the same time. If there were several pieces of advice that I could pass on to others or even to remind myself in the future it would be the points I previously mentioned. Be confident in the work that you do, don’t spend time comparing yourself to others, always trying to be the absolute best. A certain subject may not be your God given talent, the only thing that matters is that you put forth 100% of your effort towards it. My second piece of advice is to find a space that helps you get “in the zone.” Separate a big project into steps and spend 30 minutes or so working on it every night. This way you aren’t drowning in your procrastination right before its due.

Lincoln Lutheran is somewhat known for being more of a challenge than other schools and this truly pushed me to be the best student I could be. I learned what routine words best for me personally and how I can motivate myself to get the job done in a timely matter. Looking back over this year, I am now confident in how prepared I feel leaving this place. Looking forward I know I ever doubt myself and my capabilities as a student, my worth isn’t ultimately defined in the grades I get on a paper.

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